How Does It Work?

It starts with a consultation with one of our representatives to identify your needs. Next, we present you a free estimate based on those needs.

How does Metaroute work? It's a telephone line carried via Internet that is unique in the Outaouais. MDL Télécom provides its own Metaroute technology rate plans to allow organizations to be linked to a single global telephone network. It means your phones are linked to the biggest telephony switches in Canada. You can be contacted via the Web any time, any place, no matter the circumstances.

Meratoute ensures high reliability, crystal-clear sound and unique flexibility. We can easily change the number of available lines depending on your needs. Metaroute is ideal in an emergency; for example, in a case of fire in your office, your business calls can be redirected to your smartphone. You will never again miss an important business call.

Using Metaroute telephone lines will reduce your monthly telephone and long-distance bills. Its flexibility will increase your organization's competitiveness, growth and performance. Fast and flexible within a sole communications means, Metaroute is sure to become a must-have in the telecommunications industry in the near future.