Through many years of experience in Ottawa and the Outaouais region, MDL Télécom has developed a protocol for setting up business telephone systems that minimizes service interruption during installation. We make sure your office business lines stay open as much as possible during the changeover of your telephone system. We aim to execute the implementation in a way that is best for your industry. We offer custom service contracts that respond to the realities of your industry. You can count on MDL Télécom’s reliable service.

Since 2005, MDL Télécom has offered the prestigious NEC product line and is now Gatineau's sole authorized distributor. We use top-of-the-line telecommunications equipment with unrivalled reliability. We will equip you with custom-built business telephone and voicemail systems that fit the needs of your business or institution, whether small medium or large. You can also count on the durability of our state-of-the-art NEC products.

MDL Télécom can also provide refurbished telephone systems. These recycled telephone systems offer a more affordable option for any organization. Our technical support plan and personnel training will ensure you get the most out of your new telephone system. MDL Télécom will be there for you throughout the life cycle of your telephone system. Contact us today to get a free needs assessment.