Mission and History


MDL Télécom was created in early 2005. Our founders’ main objective was to provide advanced telephone system solutions to business customers in its home community—the National Capital Region. We soon became a leader in our industry, new employees joined the team, and we expanded our technological offer.

Cabling, fibre optics, Wi-Fi networks and networking became fast-growing markets.

After a few years, we expanded our service area to include Hautes-Laurentides and Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

MDL Télécom continued to grow, thanks to our in-depth expertise and association with the most innovative manufacturers in the world. We’ve developed an impressive customer base, specializing in a niche clientele. 


At MDL Télécom, our mission is to monitor new and emerging technologies, understand their strategic advantage and share these benefits with our customers. This ensures that MDL Télécom's community is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Our key objective is to provide the best quality services and products to our customers. We aim to constantly develop innovative solutions using the latest technology. We want to propose innovations that correspond to our customers’ direction, vision and pace of development.