Globalization and access to world information both strengthen and weaken industries of all types.

This contradiction inspires us to find new telecommunications tools that are more effective and stable, and make our region more secure, more connected and keep us at the vanguard of technology. MDL Télécom strives for continuous innovation. Passionate about technology, we listen carefully to our customers, so that we can steer them toward telecommunication solutions that will help them grow.

Richard Duquette

General Manager and Technical Director

Richard Duquette studied in electronics and has worked in the telecommunication industry for 29 years. He has worked for telecommunications companies for 22 years in a number of positions, and is well known in Quebec’s telecom industry.

Richard brings to MDL Télécom rich experience and networks of suppliers and experts, ensuring that our approach is focused on customers' needs, now and into the future.

M. Sylvain Gauthier

Business Solutions Consultant

Sylvain Gauthier joined MDL Télécom in 2009. He responsible for business development, project monitoring and creating new solutions and opportunities for customers, present and future. Sylvain has worked in telecommunications for more than 7 years.

M. Dominic Guimond

Business Telephone Systems Technical Specialist and Project Coordinator

Dominic has 9 years of IT experience and 4 years dedicated to TDM and IP telephony. His main responsibilities include developing system infrastructure, providing technical support to customers and coordinating projects.

Nadine Maisonneuve

Business Solutions Consultant

Information coming soon