Once we get your request, we will send you a free estimate based on your needs. When the estimate is approved, we will carry out a spectral analysis of your workplace in Ottawa or Gatineau to help identify areas that need special coverage. Next, we will install your new wireless (Wi-Fi) network and controlled access points.

This will give administrators unique visibility on wireless networks, and will thwart malicious attacks, identity theft and unauthorized intrusions. Your new Wi-Fi network also comes with a firewall application that gives your network administrator the tools to manage content available from the wireless network. This will help to quickly detect intruders and take appropriate action.

Our wireless networks are known for their reliability, efficiency and security, and can meet all your specific business needs. Wireless/Wi-Fi network technology is becoming, more and more, a flexible, accessible—even essential—solution.

Once your new wireless network has been installed, we will ensure its stability and reliability. We will test your new Wi-Fi system, and provide a technical support plan and training to ensure you get the most out of it. MDL Télécom will be there for you throughout the network’s life-cycle. Contact us today to get a free wireless (Wi‑Fi) network needs assessment in Ottawa or Gatineau.