Technical Support

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Please contact us beforehand to have an appointment with a technician. Please click on the link to download and install the required application.



MDL Télécom provides quick and reliable technical support 24/7 in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, without exception.

You can count on us to provide quick technical support at all times, whatever your emergency in Ottawa and Gatineau. A technician is always available to give you support to solve technical glitches and major problems. Sleep soundly: MDL Télécom has the experience and tools to keep your operations running smoothly.


Leave us a voicemail with your contact information. One of our technicians will call you back shortly.

Call 1‑866‑669‑4445

Customers with service contract: call 819‑246‑0203 or toll-free 1‑866‑669‑4445, extension 350.